5 Family Movies I've enjoyed so far this year

2020 has been a strange year so far, hasn't it!    With the Covid19 Lockdown closing the cinemas, film studios have released movies direct to their websites to watch or rent early on Sky, Amazon etc when the film would have usually been released to Cinema.

As they did with films such as Artemis Fowl which went straight to Disney+.

My top 5 family films I've enjoyed this year so far are as follows
Poster to Maleficent Mistress of Evil

1. Maleficent - Mistress of Evil -  Showing on Disney+

A bit late to the party on this one, but my eight-year-old has been refusing to watch it, so I just put it on one day and we were all gripped!

I actually think I like this one more than the first.  There is a whole dramatic scene near the end where the evil Queen (Michelle Pfeiffer, don't you just love her!) wants to get rid of all the magical creatures in the kingdom and sets about killing them!

I know they are not real and even more so animated made-up creatures, but oh my days!  It was emotional!!

Love it!

100% Wolf a wonderful family movie

2. 100% Wolf

This is a new film we watched last month.

This one tugged at my heart so much at the beginning, we've all seen Lion King, we know how this is going to end right at the start at the movie!  My son was so upset at the beginning, but the film comes with a twist.

A story of misunderstanding others and building unlikely friendships.  A great laugh-out-loud family film and if you're a dog lover, you will appreciate the finer details of the movie that encompasses the essence of a dog, right down to the scrapping the backside along the floor.

One we will be watching again.

Four Kids and I movie picture

3. Four Kids and It

This one isn't doing too well in the reviews and I'm not sure why, as this is one my son will put on and watch over and over again and the fact that Michael Caine is the voice of "It" just makes it for me.

I'm sure we all get a little soft spot for a mischievous little creature.  I have the naughtiest magpie in my garden trying to steal everything and I can't be angry with him, I just see him as a mischievous little creature so maybe that's why I warm to It so much?

We haven't read the book, so maybe this is why it's not rated so highly?    Maybe this one is more for the children than us parents to enjoy?  Not sure what that says about me....

4. Sonic

I don't know if it's my youth coming out here or if it really was a good film, but I've always loved Sonic from SEGA days (I hope you sang that).  

My son has just got into Sonic too so he was really looking forward to watching this too.

I'm not a fan of Jim Carey, but he suited Dr Robotnik and played the evil Dr well and the bond between Sonic and the 'doughnut lord' was hilarious and it's Sonic's attitude and banter with Tom Wachowski that makes this film a good belly laughing, crazy film for all ages.

Sonic comes across as lovable on the big screen as he does on the video games and we even get to see tails!

5. My Spy - Amazon Prime

We watched this last week and is a great spy and kid movie which has been done in various forms before.

The Detective JJ is played by Dave Bautista and there are elements of Drax that come out in him.  I love how straight-laced and serious he is and his answer to problems tends to be to kill it or blow it up.   JJ and his partner are out-smarted by a 12-year-old who in true 2020 style films them as she walks straight into their base which is the flat upstairs!

Armed with videos of JJ filming a 12-year-old she blackmails him into taking her ice skating, but the requests get more demanding as time goes on.

My son is going through a spy stage at the moment after watching Spy Next Door, this isn't as good, but it's good enough and a funny family watch.  It's daft.

Bonus Movie - Scoob.

We rented this for an extortionate amount of money for 48 hours only for me to fall asleep!  That doesn't mean the film was poor what so ever.  My son managed to watch it twice within the time scale but one of those times I was working.

From what I saw it looks fab, let me know if you've seen it my son is asking for my to rent it again, but I've refused, I said I'll wait until we can buy it now, so from that I'm guessing it was good?!

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  1. My Spy was really cute! It was predictable but it was still a good time.


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