How I upcycled my Avengers Seat

I've been at it again peeps!

Every now and then I recycle a dated old piece of furniture (usually a stool) with a spray of paint or a geeky new piece of fabric and turn it into something Marvellous... so over the past 4 months, I've been reupholstering this old beaut.... thing!

The pre avengers stool look
A bit dated and tired wouldn't you agree?
I received this stool free from my local Freecycle page, I had every intention of passing it on once it was finished.... but I have a Super Hero mad son, so nothing ever leaves the house and we will be living in the shed at this rate due to lack of space!

I usually quite enjoy stripping back the furniture.  There is usually a sense of satisfaction getting rid of the old, but this one, this was a two-man job.  By that read "I had to get my partner to do most of the work".  The lid and lid fabric came off fine.  It was the base that was the b****!  Staples everywhere!  After several knives, stable removers and swearing later, we managed to get the last of the stables out and the unit was back to basic.

stripped back ready to reupholstered
Still looking rather ugly!
I tried something new for this piece!  I sewed the base material together!!  I know!  I used my basic little sewing machine to make something other than beanbags!  I made the material into one large piece and hooked it over the base, it was a nice snug fit (surprised myself!) and I got my faithful stable gun out and pinned the material in place.

adding the new material round the base of the stool
Rather pleased with how snug this fits
Finished base
Base material compliments the new lid rather nicely I feel
So that stayed like that for about 6 weeks!

This was not an easy piece of furniture to decorate, but then they never are so I don't know what fantasy I live out when I've created one of these!!

I finally tackled the lid and as I'd hoped it didn't take too long and wasn't too difficult to do.  I'd kept the original green under cover from the lid and put this back on and I think I pulled that off rather nicely.
using Marvel fabric to reupholster a stool
Bit too much fabric there?!
Adding fabric to the underneath for neatness
Preparing the final stage!
My new avengers lid
A Little bit in love with this! 
 With the 2 pieces reupholstered all that was left was to add back on the hinges and the locking thingy (technical term) that holds the lid up.

Joint effort again this time, actually, it wasn't.  I did none of this so my wonderful partner finished off my stool for me and we all love it so much, it now lives pride of place in our dining room... filled with toys!

Wouldn't have it any other way.

So in love with this avengers stool!
My reupholstered Avengers Stool
So what do you think?  I am so in love with this fabric!!


  1. That looks amazing! You are so good at this sort of thing - I'm always impressed x

    1. Thank you Donna, I'm loving the material on this one x

  2. Oh WOW that looks amazing, my son would love this too

    1. Thank you Sarah, it's great have little superheroes in the house isn't it x

  3. Wow, amazing. I so love your inspiring craft posts. And where did you get the fab material?

    1. Thank you, the material is fab isn't it. I only have a fabric shop almost opposite my house!!!! (but I've seen this fabric on eBay too)

    2. ooh that must be great. I love browsing both craft and vintage shops

  4. You did a fantastic job!

    1. Thank you :) xx fast becoming my favourite piece in the house.


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