McDonald's #hellogoodtimes campaign

Over the summer holidays, McDonald's were running family-friendly pop-up events in various parks across the country as part of their #Hellogoodtimes campaign.

Brighton McDonalds pop up event at Queens Park on Saturday July 2016
We were fortunate enough to visit them at Queen's Park in Brighton on Saturday where that day's events were football-focused; with a crossbar challenge, which Max was rather good at, a chance to win community shield tickets, and the most popular event of the day - human table football, yep, human foosball.

The event took place from 11am until 4pm and everyone was welcome to come and join in.  We arrived in the morning and set up a little picnic and as this was a football-themed day, both my partner and my son were in their element.

The experts on hand are very friendly, bubbly, lively people who were very good at making everyone feel welcome and joining in.  As the day went on there were a group of young lads playing nearby who soon came running over when they saw the McDonalds logo and the human table football.

We had a lovely time in the park, my son had a kick about, we had some lunch and we were with a friend so having the music, entertainment and footballs from McDonald's #Hellogoodtimes made it a fun day out.

Cross bar challenge with McDonalds #Hellogoodtimes campaign

McDonalds #hellogoodtimes pop up events

Each day is slightly different, from human foosball, air guitar, face painting and even visits from your kids' favourite characters.

The fun family days that are popping up are part of the wider summer of good times campaign, which involves celebrating all of the good times you can have with friends and family and has seen the likes of Tinie Tempah putting on a one-off performance INSIDE a Mcdonalds.

To find out what is happening to a McDonald's near you, just input your Postcode on the McDonald's Activity Days web page.

By putting in my postcode I can see that Brighton Marina have an activity day on 1st August - we may just have to pop over next week.

Is there an activity day being run near you?


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