Message in a Bottle - the next step in personalised story books

Message in a bottle - a children's storybook

Back in April, I wrote a piece on a beautiful new children's book - Message in a Bottle and how this project has started out on Kickstarter and I was fortunate enough to be on the launch team for the book.

Fast forward 5 months and here is the book!  How amazing is that!  I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of something bigger, reading updates from Tuire, messages for Victoria and the team and putting in my views on the pages, the website, and the personal page.
The story of Kiki and her quest to delivery the message in a bottle

To say I was a tad bit excited when the book arrived is an understatement!  I had mentioned the book to my partner and Max has seen the pages on the screen, but neither knew that this particular book was a personal book written for Max.  With his address on the bottle, his name throughout the book and a very personal message from mummy and daddy in the back.
Personalised address, named book and personal message

When the book arrived I gave it to my son and explained to him who Kiki was.  He then had daddy read the book to him, and both were surprised and overjoyed to see our address and Maxwell's name within the first couple of pages.

This very much kept Max's interest, and as the story unfolds on Kiki's adventure across the world to deliver his message, he got a little upset in parts when he thought the bottle was lost or Kiki wasn't going to make it but just as quick his little frown turned upside down as the story continued.
The story unfolds on how Kiki delivers a message in a bottle

The book itself is delightfully illustrated, very colourful and even causes the reader to rotate it - a function that Max always loves in a book.
Message in a bottle - the story that flips and turns in more than one way

But best of all, and what makes Message in a Bottle the next step in personalised story books is we get to read the message in the bottle.  After experiencing the journey with Kiki this is rather an important page, and our message brought a tear to my eye as I watched my son sit and eagerly listen to what the message was.
Private message from Kiki

I adore this book, as does my son.

It's not just a book, its a keepsake and a conversation starter.  There is so much in the book to discuss, the animals, the countries, and the personal message.

It's very easy to create this book from the step by step guide over on the website.   I would suggest you have an idea of the message you wish to write and the photo you'd like to add (in landscape).  The above picture is a view of our last page to give you an idea of how it looks, and I'm sure once it arrives on your doormat, your child will be just as thrilled with the story as mine was.

I'm very thankful to Victoria, Tuire and team for allowing me to be part of the launch campaign, it's been a great journey.

I received Message in a Bottle free of charge.
The above wording is all my own and not influenced by products received.


  1. It is such a lovely book, Sophia absolutely loved me reading it to her. She was taken b Kiki and has been drawing her ever since. It is even more special because of the lovely personal message at the end. Great review I really enjoyed it xx

    1. So pleased Sophia enjoyed the book, Max loved it too :)

  2. Tuire Siiriainen: Creator and illustrator.


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