Autumn Kids Crafts - making wreaths and lanterns

how to make paper lanterns

After the fun we had creating our Halloween wreaths I was rather looking forward to creating another one for Autumn.

Materials needed to make an autumn wreath

* Wool
* Leaves
* Glue
* Hoop 
Materials needed to make an autumn wreath

* Wrap the wool around the ring until completely covered.
* Decorate with leaves, and even natural products found in autumn - twigs, cones etc.
* Glue each piece down with glue
* Leave 24 to fully set before hanging up.

Materials needed for autumn lanterns 

* LED tea lights.  Fake lights only!!
* Lollypop sticks
* Tissue Paper
* Glue
* Confetti, paper art, decorations
materials needed to make autumn lanterns

* Add glue to the ends of each stick and make a square.

Glue the sticks together to make a square

Gluing lantern sticks

* Cut the tissue paper to match the size of the squares and decorate

Gluing lantern sticks

* Glue the tissue paper to each set of sticks

* Glue the sticks together to make a cube.

* Add artificial tea lights.

Autumn Paper Lanterns

This children’s craft idea features in Twinkl’s Absolutely Amazing Autumn Ideas.

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