Autumn Kids Crafts - making wreaths and lanterns

how to make paper lanterns

In my latest box of goodies from Bostik and Tots100, I received a beautiful bundle of autumn colours and just knew those popsicle sticks needed turning into paper lanterns and the leaves would look great on an autumn wreath.

After the fun we had creating our Halloween wreaths I was rather looking forward to creating another one (may have a slight addiction, so expect Christmas ones on this blog soon.....)

Materials needed to make an autumn wreath

* Wool
* Leaves
* Glue
* Hoop 
Materials needed to make an autumn wreath

* Wrap the wool around the ring until completed covered.
* Decorate with leaves, and even natural products found in autumn, twigs, cones etc.
* Glue each piece down with Bostik white glue
* Leave 24 to fully set before hanging up.

Materials needed for autumn lanterns 

* LED tea lights.  Fake lights only!!
* Lollypop sticks
* Tissue Paper
* Glue
* Confetti, paper art, decorations
materials needed to make autumn lanterns

* Add glue to the ends of each stick and make a square.

Glue the sticks together to make a square

Gluing lantern sticks

* Cut the tissue paper to size and decorate

Gluing lantern sticks

* Glue the tissue paper to each set of sticks

* Glue the sticks together to make a cube.

Autumn Paper Lanterns

Simple projects to complete on a brisk autumn day.  Please feel free to leave me links to your images if you try these too.

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