My 3 favourite films from the Warner Bros UK Iconic Moments

Has anyone else noticed the fabulous new artwork on Warner Bros Iconic Moments collection?

Warner Bros UK Iconic Moments Collection
Which is your Iconic Film Moment?
I am in love with the new movie covers from Warner Bros, which were released on 5th September 2016.  The image depicting the iconic moments from the films such as Clarence's Hawaiian shirt to Jack's iconic axe in The Shinning.

From the above Iconic Moments collection I've picked out my top 3 films and why they are special to me.


Now 21 years old, this film first appealed to me due to the cast, with Brad Pitts slightly crazy character, the evil of Kevin Spacey and the brilliant Morgan Freeman wrapped up in a Mystery Crime Drama.  I was hooked from the beginning and to this day when I write up subscription/mystery box posts I hear in my head "what's in the box"

What's in the Box


I love this film and since watching at the cinema, reading the forum posts and re-watching at least a dozen times within the first few months of the DVD release, it is now placed firmly within my top 5 movies of all time (also the newest of that listing too).

I do love the concept, the CGI and the fact that when it ends..... was it real?  What happens to the top?  Will it fall over!?

I love a film that leaves me with questions, it frustrates me and entertains me at the same time, and no matter how many times I watch this film, there is always a moment I've missed before.
Inception - dream a little bigger
How does this film end.......

True Romance

For my friends and family reading my blog it will come as no surprise this is on my list - I had/have a massive crush on Christan Slater and have seen all his movies, I love his voice, simple as that.

And as much as I hide it, I am a romantic at heart, and this film is one of those where true love prevails.  Clarence a loner with a love for movies.... falls in love and marries a troubled call girl Alabama and we follow the true romance of this couple as they overcome beatings, drug dealers and a gunfight.

Now tell me that doesn't scream a love film :)

Which is your Iconic Movie Moment?

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