Adding Value to Your Property

Do you really know how to add value to your home?

Property is a long-term investment and when you sell, you want to gain as much profit as possible. This means making changes and adaptations that not only add value but desirability as well.

You can do too much 

As you make changes, remember that there are limits to the amount people will be willing to pay for your property, in the location that it is.

Buyers looking for a half million pound property will not be looking in a street where the average value is way below this.

What changes should you make? 

Start with the important rooms: the kitchen and the bathroom. Well-designed, modern, practical and stylish kitchen and bathroom are the main selling point of any home.

As you sell your property, you need to suggest a lifestyle to potential buyers. Neutral d├ęcor, de-cluttering room and so on all heighten the sense of desirability. All you need is two buyers liking your property, and the asking price may start to rise.

Don’t forget the outside 

From giving your property a face-lift to re-designing the garden so that it complements your property are all changes that add value.

Off street parking with a driveway could also add thousands to the value, especially in an area where off-street parking is at a premium.

Take a look at this infographic from Balustrade Components - what changes would you make to add value to your home?


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