What I Watched Over Winter 2016 - Part One

Following on from my theme of what I watched during Autumn, I feel my winter viewing will need 2 posts as I've already gone through 6 "box sets" and we're only halfway through!

Good Girls Revolt

I really enjoyed this.  I can't put my finger on why, as it's not Sci-Fi, Fantasy or zombies!  But maybe it's because this program is set in the 60s, an era I love, and how the females in a news magazine are starting to revolt about how they are treated.

There are so many different characters we meet and warm to and we follow them all in their personal and professional life.  The revolt doesn't happen overnight, it's a very slow process and you see the dilemma each of the girls has to face as they pursue this path.  Here's to season 2 - I need to find out how these girls get on!  IMDb 8.1/10 


This is a series that was recommended to me.  It's 6 episodes long and set in Australia so this is a good binge-watch program.  I ended up watching it in 3 sittings and it's left me with a lot of questions!  The basic story is 6 people come back from the dead, we're not talking zombies, we're talking crawled out of their graves, healthy but unsure who they are.

Over time their memory comes back, and the local doctor has them staying with her as the Sheriff's dead wife is amongst the 6... but she's been dead 2 years and he's since remarried - awkward!

It's watchable, and I'll probably watch season 2, just to see exactly what that doctor has been up to.  IMDb 7.7


Oh hello!  Now, I'm going to be biased, it's a spin-off from Doctor Who, and have you seen my wallpaper back there..... I enjoyed this, it's shown over on BBC3 so you need your iPlayer to watch it, but it's good.  It's a different take on Dr Who and follows the lives of school kids and a couple of 'aliens' Mrs Quill and Charlie who are stuck on Earth.  The TARDIS and Dr only appear in the beginning but that's to set the scene for the program.

It's not Dr Who, but if you enjoy Dr Who, then I recommend you give it a try at least.  IMDb 7.2/10


I found this an easy program to watch; about 3 people travel back in time to protect history as we know it.  They can not go back to a time in which they exist, and inevitably they change history.  The episodes travel back to the days of Lincoln, Bonnie and Clyde and The Alamo to name a few.

I don't know if I'll watch the second season, but it's one of those that whilst I'm waiting for other shows to come back on, I'll probably put on and watch.  IMDb 7.6

Life in Pieces

I love this!  I don't want to because I think it's very much like Modern Family and I'm feeling disloyal to Jay and his family for saying this, but I'm so loving this!  There is a lot of similarity between Modern Family & Life in Pieces.   We have the parents (grandparents), a couple with 1 child and a couple with 3 kids, but in Life in Pieces, we also have a son who's not married but has a girlfriend.

There are 4 short stories in Life in Pieces and it's so funny.  Dianne Wiest I believe is actually getting younger!  She's not aged since I watched her in Lost Boys and every bit the mum.

It's shown on Amazon Prime and I do hope it gets popular and runs as long as Modern Family, it's worth a watch, it is hilarious and I'm sure there'll be sections you can relate to - Colin Hank's family, in particular, is the one I can relate to.  My must-watch TV for Winter IMDB 7.7

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