Hulk Avenger Bedside Table

How I made a Hulk Coffee Table

3 years ago I picked up a tatty old nest of tables from my local free-up page on Facebook.   I had every intention of upcycling these tables by using waterslide decal paper, but I smashed the smallest table's glass and on further inspection of the remaining glass, there was mould on it!

I discarded the glass, sanded the tables down and sprayed them white.  I had every intention of creating a black-and-white look, but I lost a little love for these tables and put them in the garage which is where they lived until last month!
Choosing a white undercoat for making a Hulk Table

My son needed a bedside table, and as his bed is rather low I didn't want a standard-sized table as I feared he'd smack his head on it, so I got the smallest table out of the garage and sanded it down... again.

Sanding down coffee table ready to made into a Hulk Avengers Table

I used Rust-Oleum's Emerald Green chalk paint for Hulk's colour.  I gave it a couple of coats and then covered the top half of the legs purple to give the ripped trousers effect.  I used a black sharpie to define the outline of the tears and then covered the whole table with Rust-Oleum's furniture wax.

Paints used to create Hulk Table

As the top was now without its glass, I had originally intended on using one of my free tiles to place on top and use the waterslide decal paper with Hulk's face on, but the tile overlaps the table too much and as I don't want sharp edges we cut down some MDF instead.

I found the perfect image to go on the top, a Hulk placemat which can be purchased from Amazon, I love these and also have Stormtroopers and Darth Vader for our dining table!

Hulk Placemat

The placemat needed to be cut to size but I think it works rather well, and it's the perfect size for my 5-year-old's room.  He loves it, so that's a win in my books.

Hulk Smash Bedroom Decor

Hulk Bedside Avengers Table

Who's your favourite Avenger?  I think Captain America would make a good tabletop image.  I think I may turn one of the Storm Troopers into a coffee table for the front room.

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  1. wow- another super transformation! I love how you see the potential in these items of furniture that others would not think twice about. x


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