5 garden ideas for upcycling old tyres

We've had a lovely warm sunny day today, one that caused us to venture out into the garden and have a look around at all the spring work we need to do!

The grass needs cutting, the flower beds need weeding and my beloved potting station needs re-stocking for spring.

How to create a pallet potting station
Once the garden is tied up, one of the projects I want to get the family involved in this year is painting and upcycling old tyres.

We have a stockpile ready for the good weather at the weekend - so that's challenge number 1!  My second challenge is to decide on what project to undertake, so here are my top 5, but which one to choose?

Turn old tyres into garden planters

From Nip it in the Bud  
I love this idea, perfect if you have animals, small children or courtyards rather than a garden.  This option is one of my son's favourites as he very much wants to paint the tyres.  I do like the idea of replacing the flower beds with these - they can act as crash barriers for the children too.

Making old tyres into toadstools

Tutorial available at Grillo Designs
How fabulous are these!  I would very much love a couple of these in our garden, we have the room for these, I'm just not sure I have the expertise for it but am very prepared to give this a go.  If I find the wood, I think this one is perfect!

Create a tyre wishing well

Original Source unknown, image from Pinterest
How beautiful is this!!  If we had left over tyres this is what I'd love in our garden as a show piece, I think the purple just finishes it off nicely.

Create Seats from old tyres

Original source unknown, image from Pinterest
There are quite a few stool seats on Pinterest made out of tyres, but I'm rather loving these chairs.  They have a dream catcher feel to them, don't you think?

Creating animals from old tyres

Source unknown, image from Pinterest
This is the project I've settled on.  We have decking at the back of the garden, and I'd love to have this dragon created along the end of the decking.  My son will be in his element painting all the tyres with me, but orange is his favourite colour so we may be getting an orange dragon for the garden.  Reminds me of Nessy.

I've also created a Pinterest Garden Ideas board to help me waste an hour get some inspiration, you know, at 9pm when I'm just going to bed, just before I also put all my worldly problems to bed and write the most inspring posts in my head!...



  1. Love the ideas. Looking forward to seeing your dragon.

    1. We've got the tyres, just need to sort out what's the best paint

  2. AnonymousMay 04, 2017

    Did you work out best paint? xxx

    1. Not yet, I'm still trying to work out how best to cut the tyres!
      But I've bought some outdoor spray paint which was on special offer in B&Q so hopefully that will work.

  3. Saved as a favorite, I really like your blog!


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