Using a Wall Mural as a feature wall

I love a feature wall, we only have 1 in our house at the moment and that's in my son's room, but I'd love to have one or two more in the house and I'm rather keen on the idea of having a couple of inspiring wall murals.

I want to say that I don't really have the room in my lounge to have such a fantastic statement piece, but truth be told, we have a lot of clutter in the room and I feel a wall mural would just make it look even more so!

So for me, the two rooms I feel would benefit the most is our 'dining room' (which is also my son's craft room and general hang out area) and my craft room.

Inspiring Wall Murals for learning

Whilst we are having dinner my son will often look to the wall opposite him which currently homes his phonics and numbers poster so this would be the wall I would love to have something education on, subtly, so as to expand his knowledge, but what?

As some will know I'm a huge Sci-Fi fan so I love the idea of the solar system, but I feel it may be too dark for our dining room.  I also love the idea of the Periodic table, but maybe a bit too advanced, for our 5-year-old, but maybe not.  So for me, I would settle on a world map, and maybe that will inspire us all to get out and visit more countries.

Wall Murals for losing yourself in

For my craft room, I would want something beautiful, maybe abstract, but definitely where I can break away from my work and just let my mind wander.

I'm a big fan of murals which feature nature at her finest and some of these murals are very much visual aids to help get those creative juices flowing.  But at the end of the day, I'm drawn to the beautiful butterflies in the hairpiece

There are so many options when it comes to wall murals, these really are a personal choice and you can really express your individuality.  What would be your ideal mural?

I'd have a feature wall in every room if I could!


  1. The world map mural is a fab idea for your dining room. I've got a world map oilskin cloth on our dining table and the boys are always checking out countries

    1. We currently have the phonics and he reads it every day so I'm sure he'd love the world map, and so much can be discussed around it.


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