What I Watched over Winter 2016 - Part Two

My winter viewing required 2 posts as I waited for all my favourite autumn shows to come back and be a few episodes in before I started watching them again, so with that being said I watched quite a few new (to me) programs over winter - well 9 to be exact!

The OA

Very popular program on Netflix, the sort that had everyone talking, I just didn't feel the hype!  Well not at first anyway.  8 part series and I only really got into the whole program at the end.  When all the pieces fall together like a jigsaw.

There is a supernatural feel to this program, you're left wondering what is real, how everything that has happened, did happen to Prairie Johnson, who resurfaces after having been missing for seven years and can now see, despite having been blind before her disappearance.

Calling herself OA and retelling her story of how she was blinded and then could see, and how she escaped from her captor.  IMDb rating of 7.9/10


Not even sure where I start with this one!  Directed by and starring Tom Hardy, this is a BBC drama set in 1814 and follows the life of James Delaney who has travelled back from Africa to discover his recently deceased father has left him his legacy including land which many want.

He sets about setting up his own shipping empire whilst finding himself in hostile situations with the East India Company, the Americans and Brits and not least of all his sister's husband - his sister who he lusts after and she him!

A story of betrayal, murder, conspiracy and dark thoughts set in London's 1800s makes this an intense viewing, one, if it appeals to you, will get you very wrapped up in.  IMDb rating 8.9/10    

Parks & Recreations

So this one has been around forever and I've only just discovered it!  Where have I been? And yes, I've watched all 7 seasons of it!  I loved the first 5 but feel it could have ended there, and found I didn't rush to carry on watching after that and the program drifted a bit.

An oldie but a goodie, though, a brilliant, light, feel-good comedy that follows the lives of the Park's department and their quirky ways and projects to make their town ... well normal, let alone great!  Very funny characters who find themselves in such bizarre and hilarious situations, I can see why it received an IMDb rating of 8.6/10

Still watching.......

I have 2 programs on the go at the moment, well 1, I'm waiting for the next episode for the other!

Sneaky Pete - is an Amazon original.  I watched the pilot episode last year, and finally, the rest of the episodes have been added to Amazon, it's not as great as I'd have liked, but it's early days.  I'll write up what I thought of it at the end of spring if it makes it that is!

Riverdale - loving this!  It's on Netflix, and it's being released each week (although I'm sure I've waited longer than a week since the last episode!)  For me, this is a cross between the narrative of Gossip Girl with the 'who did it' feel from the TV version of Scream.

So far I'm loving it, leaving me with lots of questions!  This will definitely make the Spring 'What I Watched' for sure!

Finally, this post gets a special mention to 2 of my favourite programs that are/have come to an end!!

I watched the final ever episode of Vampire Diaries, and whilst this is not an emotional program, more of a fantasy, mild horror program - I did choke up as all the old cast came back for the final episode, where our favourites all die off and finally at peace.  I'm kind of hoping that Caroline ends up on The Originals, she deserves to be loved.

and finally, I'm in the middle of watching the last season of Grimm!  Vampire Diaries I was ready for, I believe it's run its course, but I'm not ready to say goodbye to Grimm!

Any recommendations as to what I should be watching over the coming months?  Any great little gems out there that I've missed? 

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