A Brief History of Easter Eggs in the media


I've written before about my 7 favourite Easter eggs in movies, but have you ever wondered how they started or how long they've been around?

An “Easter Egg” is an inside joke or hidden message concealed within a piece of media such as a film, TV programme, video game or even website.

The popularity of Easter Eggs has soared over the years with some of the biggest players such as Disney Pixar including characters in other films, with Rapunzel turning up for the coronation of Elsa in Frozen to a Finding Nemo toy in Boo's room in the film Monster's Inc.

Nemo's special appearance in Monsters Inc

I love Easter Eggs - both the movie and chocolate kind!  I never tire of hearing of a new Easter Egg or on the very rare occasion actually spotting one!  So I thought I'd share with the movie buffs amongst you an infographic that Cartridge Save has put together, I think you'll find it rather fascinating!

[I'm yet to see Pac-Man in Tron!]

So what do you think?  Do you have a favourite Easter Egg?

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