What I watched in Spring 2017 - The new programs I found

As we're slowly approaching summer I thought I'd write up my 'what I watched' post for Spring '17.  These are programs that I've either just found or just got around to watching from episode 1 season 1!  There are only 3 this season, but we're right in the thick of a lot of my favourites so I don't really get much 'spare' viewing time.

Iron Fist

I wanted this to be so good!  For those who follow my blog, and especially my craft tutorials you will know that I love everything Marvel, but the truth be told, I'm not a fan of TV programs.

The only one I watch on a regular basis and am up to date with is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D!  I tried 3/4 episodes of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage and I just forget they're on!  I've watched 2 of Daredevil and forgot the program ever existed, so I'm not holding out much hope for the Defenders!

But, I watched all 13 episodes of Iron Fist!  The entire season, I was expecting more.  I was expecting some great secret to unravel, who was the Hand, what really happened to Daniel's parents..... but all was a bit anti-climatic really!  I found myself confused as to who Daniel's real enemy was in the end, I think it was Harold Mecham, a businessman!  That being said, I did enjoy the martial arts element!!

If this returns for season 2 I won't be watching it.  IMDb rating 7.2/10 (I think that's too high really)

Sneaky Pete

I watched the pilot of Sneaky Pete a while ago and was quite disappointed it took so long to air!  When it did finally appear on Amazon, it was just OK for me.  I watched the entire first season but over quite a long time span, I didn't binge-watch several episodes in one go, and wasn't making a mental note to log into Amazon every Wednesday/Friday or whenever it was!

That being said it's a good show. It follows the life of an ex-con who has taken on the identity of his prison roommate Pete, to live with the grandparents with the aim to rob them of their bonds and collateral from their bail bonds business.

Not all is as it seems and whilst the family accept this is Pete, the business is not thriving and Pete needs to find the money to save his brother, who is being held by gangsters until he raises sufficient funds.

I think the program may be better watched over several episodes at a time, as there is a lot going on, and a lot falls down but the ending reminded me of how Oceans 11 ends, not quite what you're expecting.  IMDb Rate of 8.4/10 - I think that's a fair score.


I thought this was going to be something weird and supernatural, or at the very least difficult to follow as I'd heard Riverdale being compared with Twin Peaks.  No, it is nothing like that but still very good all the same.

The program is based around the death of Jason Blossom and who did it.  Now obviously there are many twists to this show and it leaves you guessing right up to the last episode, but it never tells you the way!

The show follows the lives of a group of high school kids and their parents and how their pasts intertwine and secrets come out.  It reminded me of gossip girl, the way the different socialites have fallen and mixed with the general kids, the secrets and especially the spoken narrative of Jughead, one of the characters all the way through the show - works really well.

This I found myself watching weekly and knowing that Friday night meant a new episode of Riverdale!  I will be really surprised if there is not a season 2 as there is a lot of questions left unanswered.  But the best of my Spring watching for sure. IMDB rating 7.9/10

So guys, what's my summer viewing going to be?  I'm still to catch Sense8 and 13 reasons why, so watch out for my next instalment, see if I actually watch The Defenders all the way through!



  1. We have Iron Fist on our to watch list, we quite liked Jessica Jones and Daredevil but haven't bothered with Luke Cage, perhaps we won't rush to watch it! 13 Reasons Why was very good, definitely one to binge watch, we got through it very quickly!

    1. Oh you'll probably enjoy Defenders then, I think they're releasing the whole season at once. I must watch 13 reasons why. My programs are coming to an end soon.


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