Creating Witch Legs for Halloween

As I wasn't going to use my witch's broom for Halloween this year, I decided I would have it sticking out the trees and make it look like a witch had crashed landed, so all I needed to do - was to add some legs!

Never drink and fly on a broomstick

Materials used to create a witch legs

I'm very much one for going thrifty when creating my craft projects, it can be a very expensive business otherwise, and I like to show how you can make without breaking the bank.

* Strippy Top - from the charity shop
* Black Shoes - from the charity shop
* Glitter - Hobbycraft
* Carrier bags (from the cupboard as I like to hoard them...)
* Bamboo canes - from the garden.

I cut the sleeves off the jumper to use as stockings and glued them inside the shoes (I didn't want to cover the shoes in glitter until it was the very last job).

Using jumper sleeves as stockings

When the glue had set I filled the sleeves with old bags and newspapers and attempted to mould the legs into some sort of shape!  These were very floppy so I used the bamboo canes to give the legs some strength and structure and found the paper bags were easier to use as I could wrap them around the canes a lot better.

I wanted ruby red shoes, but there were none to be found in the charity shops so I bought some plain black shoes instead and covered them in red glitter - needless to say, both myself and my son were finding glitter everywhere for days.

Once everything was dry and Halloween arrived we placed the legs in the trees, and as a finishing touch added the broomstick.

Witch Legs in the bushes

When scooby gave it up that was!

Witch crash landing in the bush

I found this one to be real fun, cheap, and quick and easy craft to do, one that the kids would also enjoy.  Might add another pair this year.....


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