How to create a pumpkin cushion for Halloween

Instructions on how to make Halloween Pumpkin cushions

Back before I had learnt how to sew, I bought myself a couple of half-yard books which showed how to make 'easy' sewing projects with leftover materials - my kind of book!

One of the projects shows how to make pumpkin cushions, a very nice mix of blue colours ideal for the home, but with Halloween coming up I decided to not use leftover materials but to use glow in the dark Halloween fabrics!  I LOVE that these glow in the dark and in case you're wondering - they came from Plush Addict.

Templates for how to make  Halloween Pumpkin cushions

The instructions call for 2 circles - Dear Lord what was I thinking, of course, it's going to need circles, we're making pumpkins!!  This gave me flashbacks of my sewing classes at school - my teacher thought I was useless, this is based on a pin cushion that bent pins... so I can see where she was coming from!  The reason for the flashback is because we had to make a tray cover, and the only tray we had was round!

Anyway.....  after getting over the shock of circles.  I then had to cut them up!  The triangles were mixed up and then sewn back together again.  Not going to lie, this was quite a tough ask of me! I completed it, but they were nowhere near great!  They weren't even in line... but did you notice that from the main picture up there?

Part complete Halloween Pumpkin Cushions Home Decor for Halloween

The cushions were stuffed and ready for the next step - I quite liked these at this stage so I carried on with my instructions, which involved purchasing an embroidery needle!  

This step was fiddly but I could see the reward almost immediately so I carried on and I totally cheated on the final step and didn't sew the buttons on. I glued them!

Sew or Glue buttons on cushions for Halloween Decor

I'm so pleased with the finished products and love that they GLOW IN THE DARK   -  So cool!

Halloween Pumpkin Cushions for the Home this Halloween


  1. These look fab. Well done especially as you haven't started your sewing course yet. I made a peg bag a few years back (there's a post on my blog) and apart from having to replace the hanger once when it snapped, I'm pleased to say it is still going strong after loads of use. But generally sewing a not my forte

    1. Thank you, its not really my forte but I so want it to be, if you get what I mean. Off to check out your peg bag xx

  2. I love this. I was at sewing seminar last month and a gal had a large pumpkin she used as a pin cushion. I vowed to make my own as soon as possible I have a lot of round to its


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