Quick & Easy Fixes That Will Make a Big Difference To Your Bathroom

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The handy homemaker sees opportunities for improvement and upgrading wherever they go. After a few hours of watching TV she realises that the coving is looking a little worse for wear. When having dinner, he notices that he could make much better use of the space by putting some shelves up. The home is in a constant state of improvement, renewal and renovation. However, it’s in the bathroom that some of the most significant changes can be made, yet go overlooked.

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The bathroom is a place to wash and rejuvenate but it’s also a place to rest and relax. Furthermore, we tend to visit it fairly often but rarely do we spend a whole lot of time there, and when we do it’s to enjoy a leisurely bath, not to brainstorm DIY ideas. We tend to go to a showroom or check out bathrooms online, buy them, install them and then that’s the bathroom done. But that doesn’t mean that space isn’t perfect for some functional and aesthetic upgrades. All of these fixes are quick and either free or very cheap to do...

Spruce up those dingy tap handles

As hard as we might try to scrub away the scum and discolouration that lurk around the taps in the bath and sink, there are some areas where it really is persistent and can undermine the look of your suite. The taps with clear plastic handles, in particular, can start to look a bit gungy over time due to a buildup of hard water deposits. You could replace them, but it’s far quicker and cheaper to revivify them. Remove them (all you need is a screwdriver in most cases), leave them to soak in a water/vinegar solution and then give them a scrub with a toothbrush. Voila! Your bathroom now has a little extra sparkle.

Give that anemic shower head a bit more oomph

When you need a jolt in the morning, there’s nothing so anticlimactic as showering under a weak and dribbling shower head. Fortunately, a little tinkering with the head can usually help to combat this. Remove the shower head and look inside. There may be a brightly coloured reducer (a water-saving measure). Remove this if you so desire. You may also find that mineral deposits have built up in the shower head restricting water flow. These can be removed by placing the shower head in boiling vinegar.

Give your cabinets a facelift

Over time cabinet doors can lose their lustre. Help them to get it back by removing the doors and sanding off the top layer. When this is done, paint over the door using a roller to ensure a smoother texture. Finish them off with a coating of polyurethane or polycrylic and replace the handles if you’re feeling extra posh.

Extract those unsightly cracked tiles

A cracked tile can look like as unsightly and out of place as a rotten tooth in a mouthful of otherwise perfect teeth. Don’t put its extraction off a moment longer! Cut around the tool along the grout line using a rotary tool and extract it with a hammer and cold chisel. Clean around the area and check for any voids which may have caused the tile to crack. Apply a leveller compound if necessary and mortar to secure the new tile. Allow the mortar to set and apply grout and sealer.

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