A Vivaciously Vintage Home Without The Cost

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In a weird twist of fate, retro styles are coming back into fashion with a bang.  Nowadays, it isn’t unusual to go into a property and find old school interior design trends throughout the entire house.  In fact, it’s becoming the norm.  The only problem is the price, which, again, is strangely high considering you want to decorate with second-hand goods. Going vintage is by no means cheap, and the price tag often puts homeowners off.  However, the good news is that a vivaciously vintage house is well within everyone’s budget: you just need to know how to cut costs.

With that in mind, here are the factors to consider.

Skip Surf

The trick is to use retro pieces to create an old yet contemporary look, right? Well, there is no need to pay through the nose when people throw out junk on a daily basis.  After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  Of course, searching through a skip for leftover and useable furniture isn’t very becoming.  But, you have to lose the ego if you want to help your bank balance.  Often, you can source vintage items by asking a friend or family member if they have any pieces they want to throw away.
Source: pxhere

Check Out Flea Markets

High street boutiques are making a killing off unsuspecting homeowners who don’t know any better.  Well, it’s time to forget about the hipster vintage shop that costs a fortune and take it down a notch.  Where, you ask? Well, you can start by hitting up the local flea market or car boot sale.  Yes, there is a lot of junk, but there is a handful of antiques which may make your house a home.  Another alternative is a charity shop because they are cheap and cheerful and house gems.

Don’t Pay For Delivery

Okay, so you may have to pay for a delivery, especially if it’s a bulky item.  But, you shouldn’t accept the retail price because there are other options.  Yep, it doesn’t seem that way because retailers like to make out they have a monopoly, but the reality is there is a range of movers at your disposal.  Shiply is well-known for its affordable and efficient service, as is uShip.  Amazon and eBay even have movers which are worth considering.  If worst comes to worst, you can always borrow a van and move it yourself if the cost is extortionate.


Last but not least, get the sewing kit out and get to crafting.  In the past few years, the popularity of crafting has skyrocketed because it’s a cool hobby which gets results.  For example, you can create sofa cushion covers without having to fork out £10 to £15 a set.  Or, you don’t have to bother with crafting as you can take care of the renovation process if you prefer.  Carpets are fantastically vintage and easy to lay with the right instructions.  If you need guidance, just take a look at videos on YouTube.

With these tips, you get a real vintage style at its true cost.

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