Giving the birds energy with ‘superfood’ bird food pellet

Feeding the birds
Mumma feeding up her baby
I love to watch the birds in our garden, and now the sun is staying up just a wee bit longer these days I get to see a few when we come home from work and school.  Whilst we are still in the winter month's the birds are only fleeting down for a short while to pick up any food we've left out before heading back to their nests for the night.

I've written before how to encourage birds into the garden, and I'm so pleased to be putting out the new 'superfood' bird food pellet from Ivel Valley Bird Food.

superfood bird food pellet by Ivel Valley
Superfood for giving birds energy

What is Britbits Bird food

Working with an Ornithologist, Ivel Valley has developed BritBits, a ‘superfood’ bird food pellet. The best ingredients have been chosen to give garden birds energy and protein all year round, including; Quinoa, Peanuts, Sunflower Seeds, Oats and Blackcurrants.  Ivel Valley spent a year testing the product on their farm to make sure the right balance of ingredients that not only attracts the birds but also makes weatherproof pellets that don’t disintegrate, melt or harden with extreme weather.

You can use the pellets in mesh bird feeders, on bird tables or simply throw them onto the ground. This means you will attract a broader variety of garden birds and 100% edible pellets solve the problem of wastage as there are no husks. The versatility of BritBits also means you don’t need expensive feeders to use them.

Our garden birds seem to love Britbits

It's very hard for me to see which birds are eating the pellets, but there seems to be a distinct pecking order in my garden.  The morning birds eat after I've left in the morning and as mentioned above, the evening birds I only see for around an hour before the sun begins to set.

We have a baby (no such a baby now) seagull that pops down, and because I was fed up with him eating all the worms and pellets first, I have taken to throwing some up on the garage for him which leaves the garden free for the sparrows and starlings.  But first, the magpies and the blackbird come down!

If I watch from the conservatory the magpies fly off which then leaves the garden for the smaller birds.  I never really paid that much attention to the order before.  So when I'm putting my new Britbits out, it's not taking long for the birds to clear the dish.  I'm hoping at the weekend I'll get to see them all out.

New superfood bird pellets for garden birds - BritBits
New BritBit superfood for birds

As bird pellets go, I'm very pleased with this product, and as mentioned above it clears in the garden nicely, and quite quickly.  Britbits pellets can be purchased in 5 different sizes from 500g to 20kg, so packs for all size of gardens.

The small packets of 500g grams are reasonably priced at £2.95 with the largest of the sizes costing £36.95.  Not a bad price at all to encourage more birds into the garden and to help give nature a chance.

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