Beautiful gifts at B&M Stores for Mothers Day

Mothers Day 11th March 2018

This weekend I popped into my local B&M store, it's a few miles away so not somewhere I'd shopped before, but I was pleasantly surprised at the array of products the shop has to offer and at such great prices!

With Mother's Day just around the corner, they have a good selection of products for your mum, wife, grandmother, mother to your children and your friend who is a single mother (very important not to forget this one, especially if they are raising young babies too young to understand Mothers Day).

I've listed below my favourite items from B&M, and what would suit me (as unfortunately, my mother has passed), there really is a gift for everyone:

Classic wine, flowers and chocolates

Red wine and mint chocolates are my favourite gifts
Mint chocolate and red wine are my favourites
B&M have a great selection of wine glasses, ideal for Mothers Day or any day!
Wine Glass Foil Decal & XL Wine Glasses
I'm sure there are a lot of Prosecco mums out there, and yes, there is plenty to be found at B&M and a fancy new wine glass to match.

Relaxing time

It's no secret that mums like to hide in the bathroom.  You don't have to buy the obligatory bath gift sets (although these are on offer).  Why not mix it up and buy the brands your mum/friend/partner likes and couple this with candles and even a novel, to show us that you get it.  You want us to relax and hide away in the bathroom.

Mix up the smellies with what your mum likes, rather than buying a generic set
Radox bathing goodies and scented vanilla hearts - £5 in total

Personalised pictures

If you're going to buy picture frames or plaques with pegs, please add the pictures.  There is nothing more lovely than opening a present and not only having a beautiful frame but a picture in it.  And, whilst us mums are often behind the camera taking the pictures if you have a picture of us with our child, or with our mum or loved ones and friends - that's what makes the present special.

Plaques and picture frames for Mothers Day, what makes them perfect is adding the photos
Hanging Frame & Memories Plaque - £5 for both
Special Memories

Make it meaningful

My son often asks for a cup of tea when he comes home from school, I know this is so he can dunk biscuits in it, but still, I do enjoy our tea time, and this mug set is just perfect.  It's beautiful, I love it, and what's more, I often tell him Mumma bear won't let any harm come to him.
Tea with my baby bear - my favourite gift £2.99
So those are just 4 ideas you could pick up from B&M and most are for less than £5.  There is a whole array of ideas and if you have a B&M local, I highly recommend a visit.

Sample of products on offer from B&M for Mother's Day - 11th March 2018

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  1. These do all look great value. I'm not sure where our nearest B&M is


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