Changing up the decor to match seasons & special days

Changing up a B&Q wicker heart to match Valentines Home Decor
Adding a little colour to a wicker heart
My local B&Q have some great wicker hearts for £1, and every time I go in-store I want one, but wicker doesn't fit in with my decor so I always leave without one, until this week!

B&Q wicker hearts on offer for £1
B&Q wicker hearts are often on offer for £1
After creating some pretty little Valentine blocks with my son, I decided to decorate the room with some Valentine accessories, but always looking to complete this on a budget, I thought the wicker hearts would be perfect.

Creating home decor blocks with the boy
The natural wicker theme would not work in my house, and as my blocks were cream and red I decided to recover the heart with red paint and add a little decoration before hanging in the window.

I used spray paint to cover my heart, this was by far the quickest way for me and I find has the best finish.

Adding a few embellishments to a wicker heart from B&Q

Once dry, I replaced the string with ribbon to hang the heart from and I used my glue gun to add a strip of ribbon and a gem.  I was going to add a few pieces of ribbon and buttons too, but sometimes I find I get a bit carried away and overkill my decorations, so for this piece I just added a little with the option to add more at a later date should I wish to change up the heart.

Creating a little love decor thanks to bargain wicker hearts from B&Q
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  1. Think it looks much nicer how you have decorated it than the natural wicker


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