My gorgeous Valentines wear with Simply Be

Sleepwear with Simply Be
My perfect Valentines outfit
With Valentines just around the corner, there are some really beautiful, sexy and comfortable nightwear and lingerie clothing at Simply Be!

For me, my perfect Valentines would be coming home from work and spending the afternoon making Valentine crafts with my son and once he's in bed having a nice steak dinner cooked for me and to settle down on the sofa and watching a movie.

It's the small things, we are at a good place in our relationship and as much as I love to wear some beautiful lingerie and feel sexy, I don't need a special day for that.

That being said, it doesn't stop me from pulling together my favourites from Simply Be, for the 2 moods that I would choose for a romantic night in.

Simply Be - Netflix & Chill night wear
Pretty Secrets Legging Set / Bedroom Athletics Jean Slipper / Curvy Kate Babydoll

Cosy night in

The PJs are unbelievably comfortable!  For £22 for a pack of 2, I was really surprised just how comfy these clothes were!  They are snuggly (I'm sure that's a thing), they are cosy and perfect with my big fluffy boots to settle down on the sofa and .... well let's face it, we're working parents, we're so falling asleep in front of the TV.
My perfect nightwear 

Sexy Lingerie with Simply Be

There are some lovely pieces over on Simply Be to truly embrace the love of Valentines, and I have the Curvy Kate outfit and it fits like a dream!  Designed for us larger ladies, I was unsure if the bust was going to fit but the drop was going to be too loose, but it falls perfectly and for those of us who are a little less comfortable with our bodies than we should be, the babydoll is perfect for helping with your confidence.

Obviously no photos of that outfit, I want that to be a surprise.

What is your favourite wear for Valentines?



  1. what a great selection of nightwear x

  2. What an amazing price for 2 pairs of PJs. And love the slipper boots. I have a great furry purple pair


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