Thoughts of the popular film of March 2018 - Peter Rabbit

One of the biggest movie releases in March 2018 was Peter Rabbit.  I know what you're thinking, but I'm not writing about Marvel or Star Wars, I'm writing about a cheeky little rabbit created out of the mind of the talented Beatrix Potter, coming to life through live-action/computer-animated and hitting the big screens!

My son asked as soon as the trailers started to appear if we could go and see this film.  He loves Peter Rabbit and watches the series on BBC catchup all the time.  The fact that this was the first film he'd asked to go see, rather than me surprising him with what I think he wants to go see...., of course we went as soon as possible.

He very much enjoyed it, slightly confused at the start as the characters are different to the TV Series, with no Lily, the fox and badger not out to eat Peter and the addition to Bea, the lovely, caring lady who lives in the cottage next to Mr McGregor [yes, it took me until the end of the film to realise that was Beatrix Potter, not something I admit to others...].

As I said, my son enjoyed the film, sat in his seat the whole time, laughed out loud and had discussions with me over various characters.  His dad enjoyed it too, with laughter along with the rest of the audience at the very slapstick humour with the humans falling over themselves.

Those who I've spoken to have enjoyed the film and thought it was great, I think it really appeals to Beatrix Potter lovers, and with the adult humour in the film, appealing to adults as well as children.  A big hit with many who have gone to see it.

I don't enjoy it much, I'm not one for slap-stick so some of the film I wasn't impressed with, but that's just not my sense of humour.  I'm not sure I like how the rabbits were betrayed or the fact the storyline concentrates on Peter's love/care for Bea and the introduction of her love for Mr McGregor.

I appear to be in the minority with my views, but that's fine, we are all different, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. My son has requested to go and see this over the Easter holidays


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