Your Kids Will Love Living Abroad!

Are you the kind of person who can never keep still?  Maybe your restless energy is starting to get to you, even when you've settled down with a house and family?  Maybe your kids are starting to become like you, never being able to sit down and focus on something, and always looking to have a run around outside?  Well, now’s the time to really consider what to do with all of that energy, in a way your family isn’t going to suffer because of the decisions you really want to make.  It’s time to try living abroad because the kids are going to love it there!

We already know there’s a lot to consider when it comes to toddler travel, but it’s worth it to go through a possibly difficult experience with planes, boats, and cars when such a rewarding experience is available on the other side!  And your kids are going to see these rewards too: when you’re young and full of energy and have whole new countries for you to explore, there’s a lot your imagination is going to do for you.  Looking back, there’s going to be some amazing memories, and some seriously enriched knowledge to accompany them because of everything these homes away from home taught them.

So without further ado, here are just some of the choice reasons your kids are going to love living abroad. Give it a try during your next holiday where you fly away, and get a feel for the experience without having to commit to the idea yet!

Photo by Simon Migaj from Pexels

There’s Room for Your Family All Over the World

The world is a big place, bigger than you’ve often been led to believe, and that means there’s plenty of space for you and your kids to gallivanting across plains and throughout cities.  And then there’s a private space waiting for you to come back to, whether that be a hotel room, a tent in a campsite, or even your very own holiday home.  Yes, the latter option is going to be an incredibly expensive option to go in for, but it’ll be worth it if you find the right place with the right space, and settle for a good deal consisting of these things.

There’s plenty of property in Malaysia that’s available for you and your family, for example, and that alone can show you how far and wide you’re going to be able to go to find your right space.  Asia is a place full of amazing sights, sounds, and smells, and that amount of sensation is great for a young mind developing a strong imagination!  But of course, the location issue is completely up to you!

They Can Meet Other Kids Nothing Like Them!

Fun is the meaning of childhood after all and when your kids are living abroad with you, they’re going to come across all kinds of people with experiences completely different to their own, and thus have many options to make friends that will enrich their own understanding.

Growing up in a country that isn’t your own of course has some positives and negatives, but the schooling you can receive is one of the best things about it.  There are more diverse opportunities when you’re studying abroad; this we can immediately see considering all of the students that tend to choose courses with a year studying out of the country. The same goes for anyone under the age of 18: new classes, different teachers with different training, and plenty of opportunities to grow with a different understanding of the world.

As they grow, this will turn them into an amazing person, full of warmth and compassion, and their head will be filled with plenty of recipes for really adding some flavour to the evening meal.

They’ll Never Take Home for Granted

Home is where the heart is.  We can all agree that as adults when we get home, we feel like a little piece of us has come back.  When we tend to go out and about, we only show the world our good side and our good side alone, and that can get exhausting.  Coming home is the relief we get from that, and finally, we can relax in blankets and cushions on a sofa we own and therefore are not afraid to get messy.

The same goes for our kids, although in different ways.  Children have more energy than we do, sure, but they can also very quickly use this energy up depending on their age. If you’re living abroad through some of the most formative years, your child is going to have a lot more to take in that they’d get in their native country.  New languages, new customs, new traditions, everything will be different, so being able to come back home again, in the country they were born in and where their extended family is, is going to be a quick relief they can easily adjust to.  Because of all that, they’re never going to take the four walls of the family home for granted, and will better pace themselves when they’re older.

Living abroad is going to be something everyone in your family has to adjust to, but it won’t be an impossible thing to do. Don’t worry yourself about it too much, right now it’s only a hypothetical, but it could turn into a reality if you think it’s a good move for you!

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