The Miracle Morning, a simple technique but requires discipline

I've mentioned a couple of times now how the Miracle Morning has helped me focus on my goals.  Thanks to Hal and his book I was able to create my TARDIS dress in time I didn't realise I had!

The concept to the book is very simple but relies on discipline.

The idea is to wake up an hour earlier than your normal time, weekends too, to use that hour to focus on up to six tasks, each taking just 10 minutes, but by the end of that hour, you have meditated, written, read, exercised and visualised your goals.

You may think 10 minutes is not long enough to be productive, but the exercises get your body woken up and ready for the day.

The visualisation helps keep you focused on your goals and what you need to do in life to complete these goals.

It took me around nine months to fully embrace getting up an hour earlier - that's 5am for me!  I start my job at 7, so I'm up at 6 to get ready, but now I'm up at 5am, my golden hour!

I amended the tasks to suit my needs.  I do exercise, all be it 5/10 minutes each day and I'm still a bit useless on sticking to that one, usually due to my hormonal sinuses playing up!

I spend the next ten minutes learning, so at present, I am reading up on Interior Design.

I then read for ten minutes, usually a self-help book.  I'm currently reading the Art of Stopping Time.  Some of my books have been hit and miss.  Those that I'm not feeling, like the Imposter Syndrome book, end up in the charity box half read, life is too short to complete a book you are not into!

And finally, I spent the last half an hour sewing.  In January, I took up an evening sewing course at my local college.  That was the start of my journey and now I have a fully made TARDIS dress.

I still need to work on my Miracle Morning.  Whilst most days I'm now up at 5, I do tend to delay it an hour at the weekends, which actually frustrates me and I feel I'm missing out on an hour of learning and improving my lifestyle.

I never would have thought in a million years that I would turn from a night owl to a morning lark.  But I'm so glad I have.


  1. Sounds great in principle but I'm not sure I could cope with this as I work shifts, so I already get up at 5am for an early shift, usually after less than 6 hours sleep. And I really enjoy the luxury of a lie-in when I'm not due at work until later

    1. I get that, especially for shift work.
      I was very skeptical at the start, but it works for me, I've since changed what I do in that first hour, and so far, it's given me more time in the evenings to relax and enjoy family time.


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