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In our modern technological world, let's not lose the art of printing out our favourite photos, and what better way to do this than to have them displayed as Canvas Prints.

As some of you are aware, we did our first ever family 5K fun run this year with the theme of Superheroes.   Dressed slightly different to the crowds we went as our favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja characters.

When Parrot Print asked if I'd like to review there Canvas printing process, I knew immediately which pictures I'd like to print off and display, but then, we always do don't we?  If I were to ask you what picture would you like printed out, I bet you could think of one straight off the bat.

It was such a great day, we had such fun and amazing memories, so that is the day I want to be captured and displayed in my home.

I have to admit Parrot Print did a very good job on such a large canvas.

Who are Parrot Printing

Started by a group of photographers who had a deep technical understanding of images, an eye of the art and a knowledge for knowing which products work best as beautiful photographic prints on canvas, Parrot Printing was born.

Who are Parrot Printing Canvas Printers

Review of Parrot Printing Canvas Prints

The online process for selecting and ordering your print is very straightforward, although you are restricted with which size you want depending on your image dimensions.

Once you've uploaded your picture, choose the size of canvas and style, and then it's just a case of working out where you're going to place your print when it arrives.

Canvas print of one of our favourite days out

I totally underestimated the size of my canvas for the money!  I ordered the 20 x 30 canvas valued at £49.99.  It's massive!  It is possibly one of the largest prints in the house!  I love it.

The pixels on the canvas are smooth, the image is sharp and I really have no complaints about the quality of this canvas.  It is exactly as promoted on Parrot Printing.

Desk Canvas Prints

What I think is a nice touch, is you can also purchase smaller prints for £9.99.  These are designed to sit on your desk, a nice alternative to photo frames.

My only issue with the smaller print is the print is not as sharp and you can see the canvas lines across the image.  If you set the canvas further back on the desk, the canvas lines are not so obvious.

Desk Canvas, a perfect alternative to picture frames

The quality of Parrot Print canvas products are very sharp, and we are very happy with the end result which means we can now look back on these pictures and smile at a fantastic day we had, the day we decided to be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Review of Parrot Printing Canvas by RachaelJess.com

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  1. We've never had a canvas and I didn't realise they would be such good value. Looks really good


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