Getting Outdoors In Winter For All Budgets

This is one of my favourite pictures to date, It was an autumnal day and even the tree was smiling.   To me, this picture symbolised us in winter.

We don't hibernate over winter, as tempting as it is, we still go out over the weekend and it doesn't need to cost a fortune either, so long as you are wrapped up and warm, you are dressed for winter.

Winter Wear

If you're not dressed warmly, you are not going to enjoy your day out no matter what you do.  With a site such as Simply Hike, you can get all your winter wear in one place.   From the important hat, gloves and scarves which always seem to get forgotten to the warm North Face coats and sturdy Salomon walking boots.
If I'm wrapped up warm, I can stay out for hours, and even though my child would be out in shorts and sandals in winter given half the chance, I wrap him up too, and we are ready for a great day!

Winter walks on no Budget

For those whose money is very tight, and with Christmas around the corner and January lasting 17 weeks, it's not surprising we are all short of cash this time of year. 

Find your nearest green and go on the hunt for some lovely full-shaped fallen leaves or even twigs, these make for great painting projects when you get home.  If you're lucky you may also find some pine cones, these, when baked in the oven, will open up and make lovely miniature trees.

You could even create a scavenger hunt before you set out for items to find in winter.  Wrapped up warm this is a great little project and with the cold winter weather, it helps the little ones sleep well when they get home.

Winter Activities with the help of books

There is no shame in asking for help, and with books such as Forest School Adventures, The Big Book of 100 outdoor activities and even taking your tablet out with you and using it to facilitate outdoor activity.  All are filled with ideas to fill the day outside.

Find an activity walk or adventure.

Dotted around the country are the fabulous Gruffalo Spotter Trails, some of which you may need to travel to, and most will be in the woods, so again make sure you're dressed for a hike.

The National Trust will also list out hikes, activities and places to visit over the winter period, and the scenery is magical and crisp.   Nature can also be found hiding away in dens, log piles and leaves if you know where to look.  Why not take a camera and share with the children pictures of what you see.

For me, the enjoyment doesn't stop when we get home.  If anything, coming home to a warm house, or snuggling on the sofa under a blanket and watching a movie with a hot tea or chocolate always finishes off a great winter's day nicely.

What are your favourite winter activities?

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  1. Those boots look good. I did a Salomon trail running session back in October. I initially signed up, planning to try out their running shoes, but the weather was terrible, so I opted to attempt to keep my feet dry in my own trainers, rather than hopping on one foot whilst trying to change footwear, whilst it was raining cats and dogs


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