The Day I Made A Jumpsuit Out Of The Marauder's Map

We all know that I didn't make this in a day, and it wasn't the actual Marauder's Map, but it was the fabric of the map, and it may have taken over three weeks.
The Day I Made A Jumpsuit Out Of The Marauders Map

I love this fabric.  I found it in Hobbycraft last year and had no idea what I was going to make with it, but needed it in my life.

Hearing that we may have another heatwave this year I decided on making a jumpsuit!

I understood the top sections fine, and just about remembered the front from the back, but when it came to the shorts, they confused the pants off me....... (pun intended).  I just followed the instructions and really couldn't understand how I was sewing sections which seemed inside out and upside down!

The Day I Made A Jumpsuit Out Of The Marauders Map

It somehow worked and after attaching the shorts to the top via elastic, which I'm very comfortable with after my TARDIS dress, it was just a case of adding belt loops.  These were very new to me and I needed to watch a few videos to fully understand what on earth I was doing.  Double threads, that's interesting.

The only downside to my fabulous jumpsuit is how white I am and how pale my fabric is, I'm not one for the sun, but I'm also very grumpy in a heatwave.

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