The Food Spreads Every Kid Will Enjoy At Their Birthday Party

Birthday parties are fun, no matter what your age is, and you’re always going to look forward to having an amazing day with all the people who love and support you. But when it comes down to what makes a party enjoyable, the food that’s served is definitely the key attribute! Because of this, it might be time to sit down and have a think about the spread you could lay out, especially if your child’s birthday is only a week or two away.

Don’t worry, you’ve still got plenty of time to get all the ingredients together. You see, there are quite a few versatile spreads out there, that every kid will love to sit down and chomp on.  So here’s just a couple of quick details to get you thinking.
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Cereals Baked into a Bit of Chocolate

You’ve probably got plenty of cereal boxes in your house, most of which are half-empty by now?  The crunchy oats, or the flakes of sugar inside, are great party ingredients, and they’re incredible for putting something simple together that everyone will chow down on (and get all over their face).  A bit of chocolate, or some golden syrup, mixed with some cereal and popped into the fridge, is going to produce a wonderful treat on the other side.

A Vanilla/Sponge Cake Never Goes Amiss!

The cake is king of the birthday party world if you don’t have a cake to hand, how else are you going to blow out the candles and make a wish? But if you have a fussy child on your hands, baking a simple vanilla or sponge cake is going to put any protests to a stop straight away.  After all, they’re simple to whip up, simple to cut and shape, and they’re not strong on the pallette either.

If you fancy going all out with the cake for your children this year, make sure to look into baking sites such as Anges de Sucre - a professionally mixed and decorated cake is a sight to behold! And even if you’re not a baking maestro, a bit of rolled icing and some buttercream can hide a multitude of mistakes - apparently.

Sausage Rolls are the Ultimate Finger Food

And finally, baking up a batch of mini sausage rolls will make sure your party buffet table is covered in tasty snacks.  Even the adults standing on the sidelines are going to pop a couple of these into their mouths - they’re so simple, and yet they’re so delicious! For an extra touch, adding a bit of cheese to the pastry will settle your stomach nice and lovely.

Baking for a child’s birthday party can feel like a big deal, seeing as you’ll have plenty of party guests to feed as well! But thinking in terms of simple quantity, cakes and finger foods are always going to be your best bet for satisfying everyone.

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