Is M&S doing all it can for the community?

Are supermarkets just ON TREND or genuinely care about the environment and the community?

Marks and Spencer has announced it will be cutting plastic waste to zero by 2025, even though they have just introduced Peeled Garlic Cloves from China, which requires throwaway packaging in Belgium on its travels to the UK.

Whilst M&S may look to be doing their part for the environment with regard to aiming to reduce plastic, are they helping the communities too or just jumping on the plastic bandwagon?

A recent post by well-known local photographer, Eddie Mitchell posted a photo of loaves of bread being thrown out by Worthing-based M&S.

There was a common theme within the comments on this post, many voicing their disappointment in M&S.

Other supermarkets in Worthing donate to a local charity in East Worthing, The Community House, who then forward this food on to those who need food banks, for the soup kitchen who feed the homeless, and anyone who needs food.

Karl Middleton, from Waitrose and Partners, explained: “We currently donate surplus food to many different charities and social enterprises around the UK and are always looking to establish new relationships with local charities to ensure that as much surplus food as possible can go to good use”.

Morrisons operates an unsold food programme, this is where Morrisons donate edible unsold food to local charities every day throughout the year.

The Community House is a lifeline for many families. A lottery-funded project in the heart of East Worthing where people can drop in and take part in activities, get help and advice when needed and most importantly supply food for those in need within the community.

“We collect from a variety of local stores including Sainsbury's, Co-Op, Tesco Express, Morrisons & Waitrose”. A spokesperson for The Community House said.

“We do not collect from M&S, but I know they do give near date food to the Empty Plate CafĂ©”.

So whilst Marks and Spencer may not give out food that has expired that day or walk 100 yards outside their door to give to the homeless on the street, it would seem, they do help within the community.

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  1. I think there is loads more that all organisations can be doing but I guess that a lot of things take time to get organised. Giving to a food bank seems like a quick win that a lot of places could do.


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