Ancient Egypt Adventure Activity Book

Button Books is excited to present The Ancient Egypt Adventure Activity Book, a brilliant new activity book from the same creator of the Pirate Adventure Activity Book, Dinosaur Adventure Activity Book and Castle Adventure Activity Book.
Ancient Egypt Activity Book - the perfect companion for kids
Author: Jen Alliston / ISBN: 9781787080362 / Publisher: GMC Publications / June 2019

About the Book

This fabulous Ancient Egyptian-themed activity book will keep children entertained for hours on end. The pages are crammed with all sorts of fun, including puzzles, anagrams, maths, codes, spot the difference, colouring in and other engaging activities.

Absorbing and educational, the Ancient Egyptian Adventure Activity Book features beautiful, bright illustrations that will draw children in and keep them busy.  And while they are enjoying the mazes, matching and counting, the activities are helping them to develop a wide range of skills, including observational, conversational and motor skills.

They’ll also find out more about the fascinating world of Ancient Egypt along the way.
Ancient Egypt Activity Book - the perfect companion for kids

Why we love these books

I am a big fan of keeping little ones busy and active when out and about or travelling.  My son is on the go from the moment his eyes open to when he finally drops at night.  And whilst we are with him at the weekends and do try to have busy, fun packed days, sometimes we have to do 'boring' stuff, like travelling.  Or waiting for our food to be served which can take a while, or at least 20 years in a 7-year-old's eyes.

It's those moments that these fantastic activity books come into their own.  With something different on each page, to think about, to talk about and to learn about, these books will last the journey or the wait for food.

PLUS, we all enjoy these books, whilst some pages my son will bury his head into, he's very happy to share stickers and discuss where they should go, and following the various craft instructions, a personal favourite of mine.
Ancient Egypt Activity Book - the perfect companion for kids

About the illustrator: 

Jen Alliston works as a freelance illustrator and designer under the name of That Beast Jen. She specialises in cute and cuddly illustrations for prints, cards, comics, children’s books and magazines, as well as having her own range of laser-cut jewellery. Jen uses traditional drawing, digital vector illustration and image manipulation in her work. She is based in Eastbourne on the south coast of England.

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