How To Build A Blanket Fort With Your Child

Time4Sleep, a bed and furniture company, is aiming to build the biggest blanket fort this August.  The event will take place on August 29th in Leeds, with the hopes of breaking the current world record.

I think that will be a rather spectacular fort, and one my child would love to hang out in I'm sure!  That being said, Time4Sleep want inspiration and blanket forts are one of our favourite pass times.

Armed with goodies from Time4Sleep, we had a great time making ours, and it's now been up for over a week.

I think it's here to stay!

What you need to make a Blanket Fort like ours

* Poles I have some great poles which I purchased from the local hardware store, and these are perfect for covering with blankets.
* Pegs:  Every great fort needs to be secure, and the wood pegs we used can be picked up at any craft store.  They are great for keeping each section of the sheets and blankets together and for holding up....
* Lights: No fort is complete without lighting, especially if the fort is being created in the garden.  Battery operated fairy lights are ideal for lighting up the evening garden.
* Blankets: Blankets and sheets are needed for the walls of the fort, as well as flooring.
* Pillows & Cushions and more cushions and pillows.  You can never have too many soft furnishings in a Fort.
* Bunting:  You know what they say, it's the finishing touches that make a place, so we added bunting and a sign across the entrance to finish our Fort off.

How we made our Blanket Fort.

We made a video showing how we put all the above materials together to make our Fort, and a week on and it's still standing strong.

As I mentioned above, making a Fort is one of our favourite activities, we have made them in the garden, in the house and even on the sofa.  Nothing more magical than creating a den with your children.

What do you think? It's a pretty cool Fort, isn't it!

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