How To Make Fandom Headbands

When our fandom fashion costs more to purchase from big named high street shops, buy the material and make it yourself, you never know, you might surprise yourself.

Starwars Halloween Headband

I used a template from the Burdastyle website, it is quite a simple template with just 2 strips to cut.  One is for the band around your head and the second is a shorter band for the elastic to thread through.

I love the fabric which I picked up from Hobbycraft and is ideal for the Halloween season.

Cutting the strips is the easy part.

The long sections need the hems ironing over and then sewing together.  Looking at my headband I think the orange thread may have looked better on the finished product, so choose yours wisely.

The shorter sections are the fiddly ones.  I became a bit of an expert at adding elastic to skirts when I made my TARDIS dress!  That being said, it never becomes any easier, and what with sewing the middle of the fabric with the elastic INSIDE, well that was a new challenge!

The final stage is to hand sew the two sections together, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it isn't as bad as I thought it would be, and whilst my headband is not 'machine mass-produced perfect', it's unique and gives me a sense of achievement in the fact that when I get a compliment on my hair accessories, I can say "Thanks, I made that".

Happy Sewing

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