Our best find to day when Fossil Hunting

We are really fortunate to live on the South Coast of England as it allows us to go Fossil Hunting whenever we wish.

Shark Tooth Fossil found on Bracklesham Bay

My son has really got into fossil hunting.  From breaking rocks at Birling Gap and Beachy Head to combing the beaches along the Jurassic Coast and Bracklesham Bay.

Over the last year, we have collected a great array of shells, teeth and ammonites.

69 million-year-old baby nautilus my son cracked open

Then one wet and windy day we decided to go back to Bracklesham Bay in the morning to see what the rough tides had washed up.

The morning was a bit too wet and we'd turned up a good few hours before low tide so we went out to lunch instead.

By 2pm the tide was an hour off full low tide so we donned our wellies and strolled along the water's edge and to my absolute surprise and excitement, I found this little beaut.

Otodus (c.) auriculatus Shark tooth fossil

The dmap website details what fossils and teeth can be found in the area you are searching in and from that, it was deciphered the tooth we found was an Otodus (c.) auriculatus, an ancestor of the Megalodon

How cool is that!

One day we'd like to head up to North East Yorkshire and visit Flamborough Head as apparently, this is a good place to hunt and Walton-on-the-Naze is rumoured to be one of the only places in England to possibly find a Megalodon tooth.

Failing that, we'd love a trip to Manasota Key, in Florida where they are more commonly found!

One for the bucket list I feel!

Megalodon Tooth


  1. That's amazing! We went to the Isle of Wight over the summer and did a fossil hunting trip which was excellent, we found a couple of tiny dinosaur bones which was very exciting!

    1. Oh how wonderful! I want to do a fossil hunt on the Isle of Wight, I think Max will love it... and maybe me too....


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