Some really good IDEAL games are out in time for Christmas

Even surrounded by all this new-age technology, you can't beat a game at Christmas that gets the whole family around the table or the floor.

we, as a family, have been reviewing IDEAL games, just in time for Christmas

Whoopee Doo

A game targeted at children, but so enjoyed by the whole family!  This game is basically a giant whoopee cushion!  The aim is to sit on a blown-up cushion and answer questions before you let one rip, I mean before the cushion deflates making raspberry noises.
Showing the contents of what's inside the Whoopee Doo Children's Game from IDEAL

Who needs video games when you've got good old childish fun like this.  A big favourite of my son's this one!

You can purchase Whoopee Doo from Argos, Smyths, Amazon, and all the popular toy shops and currently retails at around £14.

Tetris Speed - Ideal Stocking Filler

This is intense but isn't Tetris anyway? Remembering how as it got near the top and the music started playing faster and you're having flashbacks as a kid in the arcade trying not to have a panic attack?  Ok, that may be just me!
Playing the quick card game Tetris Speed, and yes, it was intense
But this game is intense!

The small, compact game, ideal as a stocking filler is designed for 2-4 or 5-8 players.  For extra players there are extra cards, I wouldn't suggest using these for just 3 of you, as it may bring on an early stroke for those over 40 and having flashbacks.

The idea of the game?  Get rid of your cards, you don't wait your turn, you just chuck them down as you see what the next card is, the winner is the one that gets rid of all their cards.

Currently, Tetris Speed can be purchased from Amazon.


7ate9 is another fast-action card game.   Only this time, it's about the numbers!  Everyone is dealt the pack and the aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards.  Aimed at children aged between 7 - 9 this is a great way to build number skills without really realising it.
Great new card game involving numbers 7ate9 by IDEAL

I did aim to go a bit slower on this one as I'm a full-grown adult and my son is 8, but I needn't have bothered, and didn't!  It became clear very quickly that my boy can do his sums rather fast!  That, and I think he's extremely competitive.

7ate9 can be purchased from Toymaster or Amazon for £12.99 and will also make a great gift at Christmas for the family to enjoy during the holidays.
Playing 7ate9 on a wet Saturday afternoon is great way to liven up the day

Happy Gaming (old school that is).

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