How To Make Your Christmas Cards Stand Out With Craft Buddy

You’ve seen “painting by numbers”, well the wonderful craft manufacturer and distributor Craft Buddy have taken this concept into the modern-day and created “bling by numbers”.
Craft Buddy Crystal Art Kits

Crystal Art Range by Craft Buddy

These are a great take on painting by numbers.  The crystal art kit comes with a card which is labelled A - Z for each shade and tint of colour.

Lettered cards similar to paint by numbers

The kit has coloured crystals wrapped individually and labelled to match the letters on the card.  Thus enabling us to recreate the image shown on the outer packaging, but with sparkle.
Craft Buddy Crystal Art Kit

It is simply a case of working through each bag of flat-backed crystals and placing them on the adhesive card to produce a stunning Christmas card for your favourite people.

There is currently a fabulous Christmas card range from Craft Buddy that only cost £5.49 each, and are aimed at 8+ years.  This is a lovely evening or weekend project for any child to undertake in the run up to Christmas.

Add a little sparkle to your Christmas Cards

Our thoughts on Crystal Art Kits

I can't say that I'm surprised these cards have been included in the prestigious Good Toy Guide for their therapeutic and relaxing benefits to children.  There really is something quite soothing in quietly picking out the colours and watching them sparkle as you add them to the card.

No real instructions are necessary, as the kit makes it very self-explanatory.  The pen is easy to grasp and helps to place the crystals exactly where they need to be on the card, therefore re-creating a perfect image of the print.
Using Crystal Art Pen on Craft Buddy Christmas Cards

For the price, I was quite surprised at the quality and quantity of kit that you receive.  The cards are of a good size, the crystals all sparkle and immediately stick to the card itself, and only a small about of wax is needed every now and then to keep the crystals sticking to the pen.

It is a great art for us to experience, and we thank Craft Buddy for this opportunity.

There is such an ample choice of cards to choose from for Christmas, with Snowmen and Santa, to Nativity to animals scenes.  A card for all families it would seem has been thought of and can be found over at the Crystal Card Kit website.

Watch how we make our Christmas Card glisten.

Completed Crystal Art Christmas Card

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  1. Nice. I had all good intentions of making all my Xmas cards, but I only achieved one


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