How to make Marvel Heart mobiles with children

When the comic book has come to the end of its useful life for your child, you can always create a heart mobile and is a perfect craft to do together this Valentines.
Creating Heart Mobiles from Marvel Comic books
First and foremost is to use a heart template.  I have many random objects in my craft room but I picked a 'jewellery piece' which had a little heart tail as the template.

Using Heart Templates to position Heart Cuttouts

I used a nice thick silver marker to outline the heart.  Black would work just as well, and if I'm completely honest, the silver marker was the one nearest to me!

Cut out heart shaped marvel images to make the perfect valentines mobile

Because this heart shape has a tail, it doesn't work to have 4+ hearts folded and stuck together to create a 3D effect, so these are just flat heart mobiles, but the effect is just as good.

Collecting heart shaped marvel images for heart mobile

Once enough hearts were cut out it was simply a case of glueing the ribbon to one side of the heart before sticking the other side on.

Creating Heart Shaped Mobiles

And it really was, as simple as that.

A fun activity to have as a family with little mess but lots of fun.

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  1. Such a clever idea. I might try this next year. Valentine's bypassed my radar due to grief I was trying to come to terms with at the time. Still raw now and only just starting to revisit all my favourite bloggers


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