Really pleased with my wonderful Trail Camera

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to a new decade!

I have to say, one of my favourite presents of the 20-teens has to be the one I received last Christmas - A Trail Camera!
Trail Camera

I don't live out in the countryside, have an acre of land or go out on many treks, so a trail camera may seem excessive to some, but I've not had so much fun for so long with a Christmas present since I got Roller Boots when I was 10!

Armed with rechargeable batteries (these are a must), I've been placing my camera in various positions in the back garden to see what it films.

On its second day out it filmed this beauty.

Robin in the garden

I've only recently seen the robin back in the garden so to get the chance to really study and watch him was amazing.

The camera is set up to take a photo and then start filming whenever the sensors are tripped.  One night I inadvertently placed the camera in the mice playground!

It also filmed something walking past that night, but because I had the IR range set to medium it didn't pick it up very clearly, but it did catch a photo so what do you think?  Cat or fox?
Cat or Fox

Since the robin and the mice, the camera has caught the birds during the day.  So many images of the seagulls and pigeons, but it's also caught the starlings, sparrows, magpies, a stunning crow and a beautiful female blackbird.

It's just fascinating to be able to watch the animals close up.  I'm so excited for spring to catch the baby starlings coming down to be fed in the garden!  Not to mention the hedgehog.
Hedgehog in the house

Keep an eye on my youtube channel for further updates on which creatures visit our garden.  I'm also planning on taking the camera with us when we go on walks and holidays.

Oh, I've changed the IR range to far in the hopes to catch the owner of this fluffy tale.
Catching a fox tale with night vision

What's been your best present this decade?

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  1. Sounds a clever gadget. I have a very friendly tame robin here who always comes very close when I'm gardening. And my favourite present of the decade has to be my fitbit


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