How To Make Dragon Eggs For Easter

I have marvelled at all the dragon eggs I've seen over on Pinterest for ages, and every now and then I think "I must give these a go"
How to make dragon eggs

Finally I did.

The materials needed to make dragon eggs are very simple.

* Polystyrene eggs.  I picked some up at The Range
* Drawing Pins.  Hobbycraft sells them by the box load.
* Nail varnish for added effect.

Materials needed to make Dragon Eggs

You can purchase 300 drawing pins from Hobbycraft for £1.10 which is cheaper than 400 from Amazon.  So do shop around first before attempting this craft.

The idea is to slightly overlap the pins on the egg to give the appearance of dragon scales.  One of our large-sized eggs used up all 300 drawing pins - you have been warned.
Adding pins to craft eggs to make dragon eggs

I think the finished effect is rather stunning and we have our eggs in colourful nests under our ornamental tree.
Colourful nests to show off the shine from the dragon's eggs

To add a little extra magic to the eggs you could paint them metallic.  I used nail varnish to cover the pins but this too is quite time consuming so younger children may get bored.
Using nail varnish to add extra magic to making dragon eggs

I plan to put these eggs out in the garden for an Easter Egg Hunt rather than putting the chocolate eggs out.  As each egg is collected this can then be swapped for a chocolate one.

I'm really looking forward to this year's hunt.

Have you tried this craft?

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  1. These look fab. I used to decorate polystyrene eggs with sequins and beads using sewing pins


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