How to create an Olaf Party Game

I was tasked with coming up with a couple of games for my son's school fair.  As his TMNT party game went down so well at his birthday I decided that "we" could create a similar Olaf game.

I wanted black A1 foam like I had used on Leonardo and use white A1 paper as the template, but unfortunately, Hobbycraft had sold out, so I opted for white A1 foam board but I wasn't sure at that stage how this would work, how a snowman would stand out.

I used an image of Olaf's head and split the image into 16 A4 pieces, cut them out and taped them together to make an A1 template to draw around.

Trial and error as to how many sheets I needed to fit Olaf's head on to an A1 board

My chief designer at work

To make the carrot nose stand out we used an A4 piece of orange card and filled to fill in the gap at the top of the head we added real twigs for hair.

Finished template
I originally wanted to cut around Olaf's head, to make him stand out but this would have weakened the foam considering the size of Olaf's mouth which was also going to be cut out!  So I opted for painting the background instead and decorating with leftover snowflakes from my advent calendar.

I cut the mouthpiece out with a craft knife and coloured in the edges with a black pen.

With my son's game, we put the board on two chairs, which didn't work well when someone decided to use the chairs for what they were made for... to sit on!  So just in case this happened again, I added a box behind him to make him stand up on his own.

This did mean I had to cut Olaf's mouth out for the second time.

I glued real twigs on to his head to finish off the look, I hope they stand up to the softballs that will be thrown at him next week!

My chief games tester put Olaf through his paces and it turns out beanbags are not advised as they dent the foam - softballs it is then.

And here he is in action:


  1. Looks fab. I seems to be missing the in action shot at the bottom though. Not sure whether the issue is at my end or not

    1. Oh that's a shame. It's uploaded directly on to blogger, I can see it but it might just be because I uploaded it.

    2. I've checked again and fine now, so obviously was a blip at this end

  2. AnonymousJuly 28, 2022

    Hi is there a template available to print the whole head? Thank you

  3. AnonymousJuly 29, 2022

    is there a template available for olaf's head?

    1. Hello, I used an image from google.

    2. Hi thank you for your did you split the original image into 16 pieces. That's the tricky part i don't know how to do.

    3. You can print the image on a piece of A4 and then use a ruler and pen to draw the lines. Cut it up, and replicate the image on each separate piece on to 16 A4 pieces.


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