How Tyres Affect Your Vehicle’s Performance

While talking about contributors to a car’s performance, we often overlook our car tyres. Tyres are the only point of contact with the road and therefore should be given due importance. They influence control you have while driving, how quickly you can stop and even how quiet and smooth your ride is.

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When you are out to shop tyres in Dartford, it is important to know various important characteristics of car tyres that have an impact on car’s overall performance.

First most is wheel’s diameter. The larger the wheel diameter, the more stability the wheel offers during fast driving and the better the wheel is able to accommodate large brake rotors, which can provide greater stopping power. Most people do not even know about tyre’s diameter and how it can affect ride quality. However, you may want to consider this factor before buying new car tyres

Second most important thing to look out for is Tread Depth. It plays an active role in traction and braking. With a thicker tyre tread your car tyre will better cut through snow, mud or water. Risks of hydroplaning or spinning out of control will be reduced and you will be better able to avoid or manage hazardous driving conditions.

Third and last most important factor is Tyre Pressure. Tyre pressure greatly influences your fuel consumption. Over or under inflated car tyres can also have a negative impact on your ride quality and safety.

With under-inflated tyres, the tread collapses slightly, and the car is not able to handle difficult driving conditions. Rain, snow and dirt can suddenly become big hazards. Consequently, you will have to drive very slowly to maintain the same control that you would have if you simply maintained the right tyre pressure.

On the other hand, over-inflated tyres become less flexible when they encounter obstacles or bumps in the road. You end up feeling every bounce, making your ride uncomfortable, and your tires will wear down faster as a result.

Your ride quality and safety increases with the right pair of tyres. Enjoy long drives with smooth riding tyres available at Dartford Tyres, Kent branch. Their entire tyre collection is available online as well.

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