Easy ways to take care of your skin after LASER hair removal

Both men and women around the globe are slowly adopting LASER hair removal treatments to remove unwanted body hair. The age-old methods of shaving body hair from armpits, the groin, and other delicate areas of the body are deemed these days not only time-consuming but also inefficient.

Furthermore, waxing or using cold wax strips are also falling out of favour and for all the right reasons. Waxing or using cold wax strips are not only painful but also inefficient. Often, hair strands remain on the target areas even after several attempts. 

In the end, when one is looking for a permanent hair removal solution, then they should go for LASER hair removal treatment. On that note, it is best to keep in mind that although LASER body hair removal treatments are efficient and almost painless, people who have had this procedure need to tread wisely after the procedure. 

Why?  Well, it is the only way to keep severe side effects at bay. 

What are the steps one would need to take to take care of their skin after LASER body hair removal?  Well, they are as follows:

Minimise sun exposure to the skin 

You should avoid exposing the treated areas of your skin to sunshine as it is the only way to limit irritation or burning sensation. On top of this, if you fail to protect your skin from direct sunlight then you can also suffer from severe burns, and your skin will be sensitive for a few days. 

If you are a fan of basking in the sun on the beach then be sure to avoid doing so especially if you have had LASER body hair-removal treatment done on your skin. 

So what can one do when he or she has to go to work?  Well, one can always wear clothing that offers UV protection. One can also go for jackets, gloves or full-sleeved shirts and trousers instead of shorts to minimise sun exposure.  

One would also need to wear sunscreen before they head out as it will act as an additional barrier for the skin against oncoming sunlight. 

Do not apply topical cosmetic products to the target areas in your skin

As mentioned earlier, your skin will already be a bit sensitive for a few days hence it is a good idea to steer clear from all forms of topical skincare and personal products. You see skincare and personal care products contain a lot of chemical ingredients that can wreak havoc on your already sensitive skin. 

To keep yourself from going through more discomfort, steer clear from personal care and cosmetic products such as body washes, makeup, and deodorant for at least a week. 

Take a bath with cool water for a few days 

After you have had your LASER body hair removal treatment, you should take showers with cold water for at least two to three days. Furthermore, you would also need to steer clear from taking a steam bath, using heating pads or taking a dip in the Jacuzzi. 

These are the only ways you can reduce redness and irritation on the targeted areas in your skin.


Apart from following the post-procedure skin care tips mentioned above, one must also remember to exfoliate the areas that were subjected to the LASER body hair removal treatment. Exfoliating the target areas will rid the same from scabs and ensure the skin heals at a faster rate.

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