Loving the new social site find for craft makers

I have been a member of Minerva Club since summer 2020 and have had the privilege of watching the new social site Minerva grow.

The site has had a full makeover and is now a place for all crafters, of all genre to come together and share their makes, ask questions and get tips from other makers.

It's a great community to be a part of and is free to join.  Last month I completed my very first review and make of the Rose and Hubble cotton jungle fabric.

It was quite nerve-wracking to be honest.  I am still at a stage that I don't feel my makes are quite perfect yet and very much learning how to make alternations to dresses.  In fact, I am keen to go on a course for this, but obviously quite difficult during the lockdown.

I chose the jungle cotton fabric in winter as I knew I wanted to wear the dress with leggings, a thin long sleeved jumper and boots.  The bonus being in the summer I can just wear the dress.

I aim to continue to upload my sewing projects on the Minerva site with the hope that this will build my confidence in what I'm making.  I recently made some snoods with an inside filter pocket for the homeless, and have just uploaded the phone holders that I made from fat quarters last week.

Have you heard of the Minerva website before?  Not only is it somewhere to show off your makes, and chat with other crafters, but it is also a website to purchase all your fabric and haberdashery needs.

If you do have a profile, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be sure to follow you.

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  1. Loving this dress and fabric combinations, is the Rose and Hubble woven? Great job!


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