Colour in and wear your own T-Rex head

Many little ones love a dress-up, well, in fact, many of us older ones do too!  So what better way to add to the fun than to purchase a character head not only to wear but to colour in and assemble.  Truly embracing the Fandom world of making/wearing costumes.

Dino Head, coloured in and assembled to be worn over the head

About Fiesta Craft's 3D Card Crafts

Fiesta Crafts have some exciting build-your-own craft sets that will keep children entertained for hours! Not only do they get to build their own toy, but through that process, they get to understand how it all fits together. Then, they get to play with the toy with the pride of having built it themselves! 

Our thoughts on Fiesta Craft's Craft Kits

First of all, I'd just like to say read the instructions.  I know, it's classed as a child's toy and the instructions are minimal on an A5 piece of paper - but read them.  It will explain how to fold the flaps in on themselves to get through the corresponding slit, but it will also tell you to construct the head in numerical order.  I didn't do that and no wonder I was then seeking adult assistance (mentioned on the packaging that adult assistance may be required). 

But I was the adult!  This is not a difficult task, just my brain trying to make it so!

Colouring in the 3D Dino Head Mask

We coloured the cards in before assembling.  I know the website has stated that your child, with some assistance, can put the head together first and then colour in, which may be fine for paints, but if they are using pens or crayons, I just feel they need a good surface to lean on and may accidentally crumple elements of the head if it's already assembled.

I wouldn't suggest dissembling the head to colour in, as you'll need to go through the process of placing the folds back in the slits and I just think it will lesson the tightness of the fit.

Dino Head modelled by 9 Year Old

This is a good solid afternoon project, which makes the value of this toy a bargain!  Currently selling on the Fiesta Crafts website for £7.99, this price is for either a colour-in mask or a colour printed one.  Either way, I feel this is good value for money.  Not only is this a great afternoon project, but it's a lasting one.

What is more, until the end of April 2021 you can get 10% off these 3D Mask Kits if you Quote RJ10 at the checkout page.

I do hope you take Fiesta Crafts up on this discount offer and feel free to leave me a comment on which would be your favourite to make.  I quite like the idea of a Shark's Head.  Reminds me of the 2nd Task in the Triwizard Tournament.


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  1. This really made me smile. What a fun idea and craft. x


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