Should we lose the luxury of using our beaches?

In July I went to Brighton to get my jab.  I pop into the Brighton Centre first thing in the morning and my partner and son spent some time on the beach.  Unlike 12 weeks ago though, Brighton beach had been heaving the day before.

While waiting in line I got a text to say my son was beside himself at the state of the beach and was sent this photo:

That is 9am on a Sunday morning in Brighton!  How disgusting!

My regular readers will know that we often carry out beach cleans on our local beach and even street cleanups around our block.  So when my son was greeted with more rubbish than he'd ever seen on a beach he was gobsmacked!!
Beach Clean up in Worthing last year.
What was worse is we had none of our cleanup equipment on us, we were literally in and out of town due to other commitments.

So for those who come to the beach for the day enjoy it, for I fear if people keep leaving their rubbish and not giving a monkey's where that rubbish is ending up, we're going to lose that privileged!!!

Take it home before the choice is taken away from you!!

Side Note:  My bestie sent me a link to these T-Shirts "Don't Trash Where They Splash".  I'm totally in love with them and will be buying one for me and one for my son for our next beach clean.

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  1. That is such a sad shame that the beach was left in such a state. It really is disgusting. I always make a point of taking my rubbish and putting it in a bin or even home. x


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