Mushroom season at the RSPB in Pulborough

I have never noticed how many events and how much information there was around the wonderful kingdom of mushrooms until we visited Pulborough Brooks in October.
Fungi found at RSPB Pulborough
The visit had come about after seeing that my wonderful hairdresser had spent the day in Pulborough on a Fungus trail.  When I spoke to her about this, she had told me of how much fun she'd had walking through the woods across the downs trying to spot all the different mushrooms.
Lilac Mushrooms in Pulborough

I was a little disappointed in myself, to be honest, I'd had RSPB on my radar for so long, and we often (pre-covid) stopped off there to walk around the grounds, but somehow in these crazy times, it had fallen off my radar.

Orange Fungi at Pulborough
But I'm so glad it's back on, we went looking for the mushrooms in October, and because it was coming up to Halloween we also completed the spooky wild trail that the RSPB had put on.  The mushroom trail was a free event and the RSPB were only asking for a donation, whereas the Spooky Trail was in the actual reserve grounds so this cost, but was minimal and the money goes to help the charity.

Spooky Tree at RSPB

Over on their website, you can currently book to go on the Robin Robin adventure trail which is running until 9th January 2022.  Something I feel we will be looking into doing in between Christmas and New Year.

Do you visit your local RSPB reserve?

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