Science Mad! Chemisty Lab Review and Giveaway

Over the past few weeks, we have turned our kitchen into a chem lab and it has been amazing fun with lots of learning thrown in thanks to Science Mad! Chemistry Lab Set.
ScienceMad! Chemistry Lab unpacked

This is not a straight out-of-the-box and use gift.  The glass spirit burner - which is very much the main attraction for my child (aged 11) - will require Methylated spirits which I purchased from B&Q before we even opened the box.  Obviously, for safety reasons, this can not be added to the original kit but is important to note this if gifting.

Closer look at the spirit burner that comes with the ScienceMad! Chemistry Lab

We have been putting the Science Mad! Chemistry Lab through its paces, and by "we", I do mean the whole family got involved.  It does need adult supervision and it does need someone to read the instructions for each experiment before starting any of them and we need to ensure we have everything we need and the area is clear, and as fire is involved let alone the results of the chemicals, safety and responsibility is important!

That being said, it is still all fun!

ScienceMad! Chemistry Lab
Science Mad! Chemistry Lab / RRP £32.99 / Available at Smtys Toys Superstores
The set comes with 10 chemicals to test acids and alkalines, and reactions to foods, metals, and some gases, but with over 80 experiments to choose from, you will need to purchase additional items from a supermarket, chemist or garden centre.

ScienceMad! Chemistry Lab contents

Like any good scientist, preparation is key.  I would suggest looking through the table of contents to see what experiments you want to try, ideally in sections ie. chemistry of gases, then purchase the additional items needed - such as Sodium Hydroxide, Bicarbonate of Soda, Vinegar etc. - and you and your budding scientists are ready to be amazed.

* A large set with access to 10 chemicals and a working glass spirit burner.

* Items will need to be purchased or prepared before starting any experiments.

RachaelJess rates Science Mad! Chemistry Lab 5/5

ScienceMad! Chemistry Lab Kit studied by my 11 year old

About Science Mad!

Science Mad! is serious about science and a great way to engage children in STEM learning.  Science Mad! Chemistry Lab is part of a wider collection and has a great selection of kits and equipment for different ages.  The following can also be purchased from Smyths Toys: Science Mad! Crystal Growing Lab (RRP £29.99), and the Science Mad! Planetarium Star Globe (RRP £34.99).

ScienceMad! Chemistry Lab Giveaway

My son enjoyed measuring out the chemicals.  He read the labels to see what type of chemical symbols the tub held, he also started reading the labels of the other products we bought such as hydrogen peroxide.

He enjoyed lighting the spirit burner (under strict supervision) and while he found it amazing to own a spirit burner, he was extremely cautious using the long-handed lighter to light it and was fascinated watching the carbon left behind when we lit the sugar and watched it burn.

If this all sounds like fun and a great product for you to try with your family, why not enter my giveaway below to be in with a chance of winning a Science Mad! Chemistry Lab set for yourself.

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