Gang Beast Collectable toys and plushies

Sinco Creations have a host of Gang Beast collectables to suit a variety of budgets, from key rings to plushies to collectable figures and these have become a firm favourite in our house.

Gang Beast Plushies chilling the gaming chair

This BRAND NEW Toy collection is ideal for older children, the ones we often struggle to buy for when they reach double digits, but if your child is into gaming and especially Gang Beasts, then this is the collection for you.

What makes this a great starter collection is that there are so many cool characters in different formats to choose from.

  • Clip-on plushes are ideal for backpacks and locker keys, make yours stand out with a bright mini Gang Beast plushie.

Gang Beasts collectible figures Series 1
  • The collectable figures come in various pack forms, from individuals, dual and 8 packs.  With a rare hidden in the 8 set packs, which one will come out from hiding.  There are 16 different characters to collect.

  • My personal favourites are the extremely soft and stretchy plushies to join you while gaming.

About Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts has been branded the funniest multiplayer party game that has won multiple awards, and is available across all major gaming platforms.

It features surly gelatinous characters, burial melee fight sequences, and absurdly hazardous environments, all set in the fictional "meatrolpolis" of Beef City! and is a game that will have you amused even if you're just watching.

The New Gang Beast collection has been a big hit in our house, and made the gameplay even more fun - if that's possible!

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Pro:    Extremely soft plushies

Con:    You can see the hidden rare without opening the packet.

Our family give the New Gang Beast Collections 5 out of 5

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