Eco-friendly gifts with Turtle Bags

In January I went to The Top Drawer exhibition in London and not only did I fall in love with the Eco-friendly Turtle bags but also everything they stand for and are trying to do!

Four coloured Turtle Bags

From bags to baskets, to beeswax and Christmas decorations, there is something for everyone at Turtle bags which is leading the way for eco and sustainable goods.  They have everything that I need to continue my journey to try and live a sustainable life.

I have purchased the string bags and will also be gifting these out this year.  I saw these on display and love them, they also remind me of days gone by when this was how we carried our groceries, before the age of plastic fantastic 60s/70s and the environment has suffered ever since!

We need to get back to basics, we need to become more aware of what we are purchasing, what it's made of and why we are buying it!

The Story of Turtle Bags

Twenty years ago, scientists were beginning to understand how waste plastic was finding its way into our oceans, acting as a sponge for chemical pollutants, helping to carry them into fish and then on to us.

Horrified by this prospect founder and ecologist, Beth Williams, wondered what she could do to raise awareness around her. How to create less waste, be mindful of our individual consumption and make small lifestyle changes to make a big impact? 

And so Turtle Bags was born, with a mission to raise awareness of this invisible problem and to offer alternatives to plastics which are kinder to both people and the planet.

Behind the brand, Turtle Bags is a real passion for the planet!

As long-term members of the British Association of Fair Trade (BAFTS) Turtle Bags work closely with supply partners to ensure that products share our environmental values and that there are fair conditions for those making Turtle Bags.

The cotton products proudly bear the Fairtrade Cotton Mark and the Global Organic (GOTS) logos.

Turtle Bags has a long-established partnership with partner Women’s Empowerment Programme which makes the Jute and Seagrass bags. Their forward-thinking work supports and touches the lives of many vulnerable women in Bangladesh, offering them support, training and much more to transform their often difficult lives.

Turtle bags were featured as a case study in the 2018 UN report.  Exploring alternative materials to reduce plastic pollution

Pros: Great for the environment, sustainable and eco-friendly
Cons: None

I give Turtle Bags 5 out of 5 

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