Using the Loklik Cutting Machine

Over the past month, I have been trying out the Loklik Cutting Machine, gifted by Loklik as a review, and now that I've finally got to grips with it - it's very addictive!

From adding labels to storage containers, and personalising water bottles to creating quoted bookmarks, there is no end to what you add a little of yourself into with one of these cutting machines.

Loklik cutting machine

After unboxing the machine and the accessories, you need to download the software and there is a very clear link on Loklik Europe's webpage for the IdeaStudio.  

If you have any experience with editing software or platforms such as Canva you should be fine navigating around this software.  There are also plenty of resources within the help option and on YouTube should you find yourself struggling.

Fly or Die Bookmark for Fourth Wing

I was fine with the creating screen, it was the cutting screen that tripped me up.  It wasn't always connecting to my machine, it doesn't always like the Bluetooth connection and doesn't keep the current connection when you close the software.

You need to make sure you select the correct vinyl and whether you want cutting or pen and cutting, and even then my machine didn't always cut the first time - I'm not sure yet what that is about either!  But if I reload the software it seems to clear itself.

That being said, once you figured out what you want to create, how to get the software to talk to the cutting machine and get the machine to cut - you just need to figure out what way the vinyl needs to be placed on the tacky mat and if your images need to be flipped.

Loklik Vinyl sheets

I've tried both ways, I do think it depends on the brand of vinyl you purchase as to which way it needs to be fed into the machine.  As I appear to have purchased both types!

It took me an entire weekend to get to grips with the machine, to fully understand what it can do, how it can do it and what I can't do!  This is coming from a place of never using a cutting machine before, so on the whole I don't think that's too much length of time.

Named created using Cutting machine

I have a million ideas running around in my head now as to what I want to create and design.  One of my favourite images mentioned years ago on my blog was of the book text with black silhouettes over the top and I'm so pleased that I can now create this more effortlessly.

It's not all vinyl.  If you check out Loklik's website you will see that this cutting machine can cut various types of materials.  I am yet to try them out, but when I do be sure to check out my Instagram page for updates.

Now I know how to operate it, I'm really pleased with this cutting machine.  That being said, halfway through that first weekend, I wasn't so sure, I'm glad I persevered with it.  

Making a Fly or Die bookmark with Loklik Cutting Machine

You can pick up a Loklik Craft Bundle from Very - while the RRP is £245, there are discounts run throughout the year and for Easter - it's currently £145!

Loklik Cutting out Talking Hat from Harry Potter

About LOKLiK: 

LOKLiK is a pioneer in crafting technology, committed to providing innovative solutions for craft enthusiasts. The Crafter® embodies LOKLiK's dedication to revolutionizing the crafting experience with cutting-edge features and a user-friendly design. 

RachaelJess give Loklik Cutting Machine 4 out of 5 Stars


  • Free Software
  • Free Designs
  • Competitive Price


  • Software not intuitive
  • Use of Plastic

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